Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nano Pure Gold Facial Soft Mask.

Nano Pure Gold Facial Soft Mask (50g).
  • Provide deep hydrating and moisturizing on the epidermis skin. Skin feels soft and revitalize after each mask application.

  • Helps in anti-oxidant, soothing, anti fine lines and wrinkles. Promote cell rejuvenation and whitening.

    50 gm /pack. (For 2 time applications)

    How to use:1) After cleansing your face, mix 25gm gold powder mask + 20ml water (please adjust the water accordingly to your preference.)
    2) Mix well and apply on your face quickly. Leave on for 20 – 30mins and peel off.
    3) Recommend to apply suitable ampoule on the face before the soft mask for a DIY facial at home.

Expiry date:Oct.2015 onward.

Special Offer:S$10.00 / pack
For Singapore buyer only.

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